Parks and Recreation

Good Morning! I have just recently started watching Parks and Recreation and I have become extremely fond of the series.

The story consists of the main character, Leslie Knope, working as the Deputy of the Parks and Recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana. She is an extremely hard worker that takes everything very seriously. Her boss, Ron Swanson, on the other hand, doesn’t do any work. Ron has an iconic bushy mustache and is always serious. He makes sure to let others know that he doesn’t even remotely care about them. Her determination and his seriousness are two aspects of the show that are very funny. The other people working in her department are Jerry, Donna, Tom, April, and Andy who all equally contribute to the laugher and jokes of the show. A couple of seasons in, two more characters come; Chris and Ben. Chris is a healthy, hard working and positive character while Ben is a little moody, but extremely smart. The story basically incorporates all of the different characters into one setting: The Pawnee Parks Department. The show continues and shows what life is like in the Department.

It may seem confusing, but it’s hard not to laugh while watching the series.

I hope you guys watch and enjoy it as much as I am. 🙂






Hello! I just finished Supernatural today and it was so good. 11 seasons are on netflix and the 12th season is on tv right now!

Supernatural is the story of two men, Sam and Dean Winchester. In the beginning of their story, they were young, and their mother, Mary Winchester, was killed by the ‘yellow eyed demon’. Their father, John Winchester spends the rest of his life searching for the demon while battling the other monsters around the country. Sam wants to leave the hunting life and go to college, which he does, but when John goes missing (actually just hunting alone), Dean brings Sam back from college to find their dad. Sam and Dean eventually grow up into the ‘hunting’ life and follow in their fathers footsteps. The whole story is basically about their hunting adventures, and the crazy, crazy things that they have to do and live through. Their story gets so good and complicated and it is truly one of my favorite shows. Highly recommend this one! (It is a little scary, so not recommended for people who don’t like blood or monsters…)


White Collar

Hello my readers! I wanted to introduce a fantastic show called White Collar.

Basically it is about this guy, Neal Caffrey, who is a very smart and amazing forger, thief, and criminal. He is in jail and ends up being let out in FBI custody. He always has to wear a tracking anklet, so that the FBI can follow him wherever he goes. Throughout the show he is solving crime, while committing some, and helping the FBI with all the cases that they throw at him. Peter Burke is the head FBI agent that gets close with Neal. Mozzie is Neal’s very smart best friend, that also helps him with some crimes.

Overall, I definitely recommend this show because it gets very interesting and addicting to watch!

P.S. – Neal is also in the show, Chuck, which I wrote about earlier. In Chuck, Neal is playing Bryce Larkin.


The Flash

Hey Guys! I’m here again to tell you guys about an amazing show called The Flash! Well, if you like, crazy, heroic, mysterious, romantic, and dramatic shows!

Barry Allen lives in Central City, right next to Starling City, home of the Arrow… Barry works at the police station as a forensic scientist. He is probably one of the smartest people, it’s amazing. One night when Barry’s favorite scientist, Dr. Wells, launches the Particle Accelerator, something goes wrong. Barry gets struck by lightning because of the Particle Accelerator while he is in his office at the police station. I don’t want to give anything away, but what happened to him that night, changes his life forever. I hope you guys end up watching this because it is absolutely amazing!



Hey guys! I am here tonight to tell all of you about an AMAZING show called, Arrow.

Arrow is based on the main character, Oliver Queen, who is very rich and goes on a cruise with his father and girl friend at the time, her name was Sara Lance. Something bad ends up happening to the ship, and Oliver, his father, and one other man are the only ones that survive on a raft, or so they think… Things get complicated and sad, but Oliver ends up on an island, alone. Oliver needs to find out how to survive and get back home to Starling City. I don’t want to spoil anything else, but the characters in the show are amazing and Oliver gets very, very good at archery and taking care of the bad guys.

It’s a great show! Enjoy!


Baby Daddy

Hey everyone! I am here again tonight to introduce an amazing show that is truly one of the funniest I’ve ever seen!

The show Baby Daddy consists of 4 best friends, a mom, and a baby. It all started when Ben Wheeler’s ex girlfriend left their baby at Ben’s front door. Danny Wheeler, Ben’s brother, Tucker Dobbs, Ben and Danny’s best friend, and Riley Parrin, the girl who Danny has always loved, all try to help Ben deal with living with a baby. Especially Bonnie Wheeler, Ben and Danny’s mom, is very funny! When you watch, you will definitely laugh at this comedy! It is truly a hilarious, dramatic, and heart warming show that I very much recommend!


New Girl

Hey Everyone!

I am here to talk about a hilarious and idiotic show that I absolutely love. So there is this girl, Jessica Day, who just broke up with her boyfriend and now needs a place to stay. She looks online and finds an apartment with 3 other “girls” or so she thought. Once she got to the interview, she realized that they were actually guys, but it was a place to live, so she got interviewed anyway. They all start becoming best friends and the rest of the show is about their crazy love lifes, hilarious and stupid jokes, and their relationships as roommates. It is super funny and I would recommend it as a must. Watch New Girl and hopefully you won’t regret it.


Pretty Little Liars

Hello again!

I am here to tell you about a show that is amazing! That is if you like the scary, mysterious and suspenseful shows!

One of my most favorite shows is Pretty Little Liars. This show consists of 5 best friends, except one night when they are all having a sleepover in a barn, one of them, the leader, Alison Dilaurentis goes missing. Throughout the whole show, the four other friends, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marin, are all trying to figure out what really happened to Alison. It seems simple in the beginning but they uncover so many secrets and lies while trying to discover what was the true story of what happened to Ali. Watch this show, you will love it just like I do.


Drop Dead Diva

Hey! I’m here again to introduce a new show:

Drop Dead Diva is such an amazing show. It is 6 seasons of just drama, fantastic smarts, and confusing relationships… The show is about how a woman, Deb, is driving to a photo shoot (model) and gets in a car accident. She dies, but goes to heaven. She doesn’t realize that she is in heaven, but when she does, she doesn’t want to stay there. She meets with her Guardian Angel. He is telling her all the things she needs to do, and while he is talking she notices a sign. A sign saying never to click the ‘enter’ button. She quickly clicks it, bringing her back down to earth in someone else’s body. Someone who had just gotten shot. That someone is Jane Bingham. Jane is a fantastic lawyer and Deb starts to like having such a good job. So much drama happens and well, to find out the rest, you have to watch the show. It is one of my favorites. Take it from me, watch the show. Enjoy!



Hi! I’m going to tell you about the absolute best show that I’ve seriously ever seen! Which you would like too, if you also like romance, spies, and suspense…

Recently I finished the show, Chuck. It was amazing. Probably one of the best shows I have seen. I loved it so much, I couldn’t stop once I started. My recommendation, watch it! Chuck is a great show about Chuck Bartowski who gets sent a video that gives him a very big opportunity to become a spy. The whole show is about him trying to figure out how to deal with the spy life, and his life. It gets very complicated, but amazing. Listen, you have to watch this show. I am so sad that I finished it so soon. Enjoy!